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Our mission is to build a community of players, families, coaches and fans alongside cutting-edge soccer training for players and coaches. Who together work towards high level individual and team growth, not only as soccer players, but as people with strong character, leadership and work ethic beyond the game of soccer.

CASSA is set apart through...

  1. Community – intentionally focused culture on building up a community of players, families and fans.
  2. Training – cutting-edge soccer training for continuous player and coach development.
  3. High School and College preparation – relationships with local and out of state schools to support player long-term goals and opportunities
  4. Teams – focused on keeping players and teams together to increase comradery, relationships and cohesive skill/team development.
  5. Coaches – going beyond the sport of soccer to help mold youth in core life skills.
  6. Cost – effective management of finances to keep the cost to play low compared to other clubs.
  7. Vision – strategic direction for growth and creating ongoing opportunities and value to players, parents, and fans.

Goal & Objective

Our most important objective is to focus on developing our players for both on the field and off the field decision-making opportunities. Teaching players the fundamental skills of soccer as a game is just part of the overall equation. Teaching them how to play as a team, while focusing on having fun, and reaching their personal goals are key elements in our coaching philosophy.

Age Group Eligibility

To participate within GVSA and MSYSA during the 2021-2022 season, players must meet the following age group/birth year requirements. 

Age GroupBirth Year


All players that fall under the age groups of U7-U19 are welcome to tryout for CASSA. There is no cost to tryout. During the tryout process parents can expect the following to take place:

  1. All players, upon arrival will be asked to sign-in if pre-registered or fill out a registration form.
  2. Players will be placed in the appropriate groups based on their birth year.
  3. Numbered scrimmage vests will be assigned to each player.
  4. Competent and experienced evaluators will be assigned to each group and will be responsible for completing an evaluation form for each player.
  5. Players are evaluated on criteria including, dribbling, ball control, passing, serving, speed, first to ball, defensive technique and understanding, positioning, spacial awareness, grit, receiving, first touch, shooting, crossing, finishing, fitness, game sense, and overall commitment.
  6. Players will be notified within a couple of days of tryouts based on GVSA “team commitment” time frame.

NOTE: In an effort to keep our tryouts fair and confidential, all scoring will be kept internal and will NOT be shared with parents and/or relatives at any time.

Only players and judges are allowed on the soccer fields during the entire try out session. All parents/spectators will be asked to remain in the designated parent/spectator’s area.

Tryout Process

  1. What is the evaluation process?

    1. Year-end player’s evaluations:

      Team coaches should provide a written evaluation of every player. Each player is scored on a number of different criteria, including playing ability, attitude, and attendance.

    2. Try-outs

      Try-outs are held each June for play the upcoming seasonal year. The Club believes it is important to get objective feedback therefore players will be evaluated during try-outs by non-bias evaluators as much as possible and a rubric evaluation form will be used. This form is only for the Judges, Coach Staff & the Board of Directors. All players who are interested in playing select soccer for CASSA must attend their try-out date & time.

  2. What happens after the try-outs occur?

    Once the try-outs have been completed, the Club may hold try-out meetings with coaches in an age group. Players are then placed on teams, based on ability according to the evaluation form. Players that tried out will be called in a timely manner to either get a commitment from that player, or to inform the player that they did not make the team. If a player who tried out receives a call and did not make a CASSA team, that Coach will give aspects from the evaluation that can be used to further improve their skill as a soccer player.

  3. When are the team rosters available?

    All team rosters and coaches are approved by the end of June. Our goal is to have 1 Head Coach, 1-2 Assistant Coaches and a Team Manager for each team. Players who make the team will be contacted by the Head Coach or Team Manager, who will also discuss the following season’s team plans. Additionally, parents will receive an email communication from other CASSA representatives with CASSA deadlines, such as payments, medical forms, uniforms and the like.

  4. How are the teams configured?

    The teams are configured according to the evaluation process. The size of the teams will vary by birth year and by GVSA regulations on age group sizes and structure. The oldest player on a team determines the age group the whole team will play at. The exact numbers will vary according to the number of players signed up, and the number of teams that can be configured.