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Tryout Information

Goal & Objective:

Our most important objective is to focus on developing our players for both on the field and off the field decision-making opportunities. Teaching players the fundamental skills of soccer as a game is just part of the overall equation. Teaching them how to play as a team, while focusing on having fun, and reaching their personal goals are key elements in our coaching philosophy.


All players that fall under the age groups of U9-U19 are welcome to tryout for CASSA. There is no cost to tryout. During the tryout process parents can expect the following to take place:

  1. All players, upon arrival will be asked to sign-in if pre-registered or fill out a registration form. 

  2. Players will be placed in the appropriate groups based on their birth year.

  3. Numbered scrimmage vests will be assigned to each player.

  4. Competent and experieinced evaluators will be assigned to each group and will be responsible for completing an evaluation form for each player.

  5. Players are evaluated on criteria including, dribbling, ball control, passing, serving, speed, first to ball, defensive technique and understanding, positioning, spacial awareness, grit, receiving, first touch, shooting, crossing, finishing, fitness, game sense, and overall commitment. 

  6. At the Board of Director’s discretion a “second” look or "call back" may be required. Parents and players will be notified by the Head Coach of that age group.

  7. Players will be notified within a couple of days of tryouts based on GVSA “ team commitment” time frame. 

  8. Final team rosters will be posted on CASSA’s website upon final approval of the team roster.

  9. If there are any discrepancies/conflicts on how the team was selected, The Coach Administrator along with the Board will have final approval on the team roster.

  10. All parents of players that made a team will be required to attend Registration Night. Information will be sent to parents prior to Registration Night regarding the necessary items/forms that will need to be completed.


In an effort to keep our tryouts fair and confidential, all scoring will be kept internal and will NOT be shared with parents and/or relatives at any time.

Only players and judges are allowed on the soccer fields during the entire try out session. All parents/spectators will be asked to remain in the designated parent/spectator’s area.