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We are currently forming teams for the upcoming season. If you do not see your team listed, we are still waiting on roster information from the coach. Please check back for updates, as rosters are coming in daily!


U9 Boys
  • Head Coach: Stevie Brown
  • Assistant Coach: Anthony Shaw
  • Team Manager: Marissa Shaw

U10 Boys
  • Head Coach: Andrew Brandimore (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Joshua Boyer (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Team Manager: Teresa Boyer

U11 Boys
  • Head Coach: Jeremy Walker (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Nathan Barr (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Team Manager: Renae Barr

U12 Boys
  • Head Coach: Dale Bray (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Andy Kolekamp
  • Team Manager: Amy Bray

U13 Boys
  • Head Coach: Adam Kenyon (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Ron Spencer

U14 Boys
  • Head Coach: Brian Ricker
  • Assistant Coach: Brad Emerson
  • Assistant Coach: Paul Kolenda (USSF "D" Certified)
  • Team Manager: Melissa Egan


U10 Girls
  • Head Coach: John Rumsey
  • Assistant Coach: Christina Hearth
  • Team Manager: Christina Hearth

U11 Girls Red
  • Head Coach: Ryan Outwin (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Peter Singleton
  • Team Manager: Amy Outwin

U11 Girls White
  • Head Coach: Rachel Couturier
  • Assistant Coach: Sean Martin
  • Team Manager: Melissa Egan

U12 Girls
  • Head Coach: Daniel Buchner (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Dean Dault
  • Assistant Coach: Timothy Lett
  • Team Manager: Barbara Peters

U13 Girls Red
  • Head Coach: Nathan Barr (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Ryan Outwin (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Team Manager: Laura Zurek

U13 Girls White
  • Head Coach: Randy Tate (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Tom Pyne
  • Assistant Coach: Stephanie Finnila
  • Team Manager: Michele Tate

U14 Girls
  • Head Coach: Roger Weeks
  • Assistant Coach: Angela Martin
  • Team Manager: Sandra Vanderhoef

U15/U16 Girls
  • Head Coach: Jacob Holtrop
  • Assistant Coach: Timothy Lett
  • Assistant Coach: Allen Shotko
  • Team Manager: Robin Shotko

U17/U19 Girls
  • Head Coach: Gregory Main (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Tom Pyne
  • Team Manager: Sandra Vanderhoef