CASSA Soccer

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U9 Boys
  • Head Coach: Stevie Brown
  • Assistant Coach: Anthony Shaw
  • Team Manager: Marissa Shaw

U10 Boys
  • Head Coach: Andrew Brandimore (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Joshua Boyer (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Team Manager: Teresa Boyer

U11 Boys
  • Head Coach: Jeremy Walker (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Nathan Barr (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Team Manager: Renae Barr

U12 Boys
  • Head Coach: Dale Bray (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Andy Kolekamp
  • Team Manager: Amy Bray

U13 Boys
  • Head Coach: Adam Kenyon (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Ron Spencer

U14 Boys
  • Head Coach: Brian Ricker
  • Assistant Coach: Brad Emerson
  • Assistant Coach: Paul Kolenda (USSF "D" Certified)
  • Team Manager: Melissa Egan


U10 Girls
  • Head Coach: John Rumsey
  • Assistant Coach: Christina Hearth
  • Team Manager: Christina Hearth

U11 Girls Red
  • Head Coach: Ryan Outwin (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Peter Singleton
  • Team Manager: Amy Outwin

U11 Girls White
  • Head Coach: Rachel Couturier
  • Assistant Coach: Sean Martin
  • Team Manager: Melissa Egan

U12 Girls
  • Head Coach: Daniel Buchner (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Dean Dault
  • Assistant Coach: Timothy Lett
  • Team Manager: Barbara Peters

U13 Girls Red
  • Head Coach: Nathan Barr (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Ryan Outwin (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Team Manager: Laura Zurek

U13 Girls White
  • Head Coach: Randy Tate (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Tom Pyne
  • Assistant Coach: Stephanie Finnila
  • Team Manager: Michele Tate

U14 Girls
  • Head Coach: Roger Weeks
  • Assistant Coach: Angela Martin
  • Team Manager: Sandra Vanderhoef

U15/U16 Girls
  • Head Coach: Jacob Holtrop
  • Assistant Coach: Timothy Lett
  • Assistant Coach: Allen Shotko
  • Team Manager: Robin Shotko

U17/U19 Girls
  • Head Coach: Gregory Main (USSF "E" Certified)
  • Assistant Coach: Tom Pyne
  • Team Manager: Sandra Vanderhoef