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Get Ready to Move!

Posted on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 8:38PM by Amy Rau

CASSA is very excited to announce a new partnership with the Cedar Springs School District for the use of their property for our new soccer fields!

It was brought to the attention of the CASSA Board of Directors; AYSO Region 902 Commissioner/Board would be removing CASSA from Boomer Park Fields although at times a strained relationship (none the less) our Clubs have partnered together in our soccer community since 2000. The AYSO Area Director from Grant stepped in on behalf of AYSO National to ensure this process was followed through. CASSA brought this news to the Cedar Springs School District Administration in hopes to keep our Club at Boomer Park Soccer Fields since the endeavor to secure our own fields has been unsuccessful. The Administration was unaware of what was transpiring between CASSA and AYSO. The Staff was phenomenal to work with and supportive in interpreting the original legal documents drawn up between the District and AYSO. Although the District technically owns Boomer Park property, AYSO National in California has first rights to the property through AYSO Cedar Springs Region 902.
Superintendent, Dr. Laura VanDuyn, reached out to our President, Amy Rau, and offered other school property for CASSA to use as both practice and game fields. Dr. VanDuyn spoke highly of community building and opened up a dialog for collaborating with the CASSA Board of Directors to ensure our players/families have a “home” to play soccer. CASSA is in the process of working directly with the school’s Head of Maintenance, Ken Simon and Athletic Director, John Norton who have been pivotal pieces in supporting our Club’s ability to play on the school lawn, move our shed, have new goals shipped directly to the school, use port-a-bathrooms and the like.

The Board asks you to continue to remain patient in using Boomer Park Fields for a couple more weeks. There continues to be substantial preparations being made to bring a fresh and stress-free transition for our players, families, GVSA and GVSA Officials. CASSA teams will play their first home games the weekend of September 9th at Boomer Park. The Board is expecting to be on our new fields the following week for practices and games moving forward. As our CASSA families we know everyone will maintain respect, dignity and integrity in sharing the fields for practices with the AYSO families and their kiddos.

Big acknowledgments need to go out to the CASSA Board of Directors for all the long hours put into keeping Boomer Park Fields looking well-groomed, safe and useable for all soccer players and helping in the process of moving to our new fields!! Also with much appreciation to the Cedar Springs School District for walking alongside of our Club and being willing to work with us in such a positive way, thank you!!

More details to come!


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