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CASSA April Newsletter

Posted on Thursday, April 28, 2016 7:51AM by Amy Rau

Team Photos

Lifetouch Photography will be coming to Cedar Rock Sports Plex on Saturday, April 30th from 9am-2pm and Tuesday, May 3rd from 4pm-7pm to take player and coach photos. CASSA is very appreciative to Tom Pyne and his crew at the Plex for allowing us to host this event (as well as past events) at their facility without cost to our Club. Lifetouch makes this a very simple and easy process for families. Individual pictures are taken so you can stop by when it is most convenient for you on either of the set dates. If you purchase any item from Lifetouch your player will receive a free, full-size team picture. If you have any questions feel free to contact Mia Goeddeke our Team Manager Representative

Story's Sub Sale

2016 Story’s Sub Sale (yummy) is underway! Anthony Shaw has graciously headed up this fundraiser for CASSA as we are still in need of a Fundraising Coordinator. We have just fewer than 250 players; if each player sold just 5 subs each we’d sell 1,250 subs. We get $1.75 on each sub so that’s a potential $ 2,187.50! In order to keep costs down for our families we do fundraisers throughout the year so please help raise some money for your soccer Club. CASSA would like to provide winter trainings and keeper trainings as well as operate our budget in the “black” (no debt). Print off the order form from Facebook or our website and follow the instructions. All checks are made payable to “CASSA” and all funds will be turned into your team coach or manager no later than Sunday, May 1st

A Shout Out!

big shout out to our Field Administrator, Dan Buchner, for putting in the extra hours in order for CASSA to play 11 home games last weekend! Boomer Fields were under water after our wonderful Spring Break weather week here in Michigan. The Cedar Springs Public Schools (Kendra Gillette) was instrumental in allowing us to paint lines and put up nets to play soccer on school grounds, Tim Lett and Anthony Shaw helped set-up and take-down and Justin Harnden was present to several games observing our amazing coach staff! Whether teams won, lost or tied; good sportsmanship, hard work and good execution of plays made our first weekend of games awesome. THANK YOU PARENTS for being so flexible with the last minute changes needing to be made and getting your players where they needed to be, it takes a community!! 

Respect Campaign (a message from GVSA)

“As we are about to kick-off another Spring season this weekend, I want to "check-in" and ask all of you to remind your players, coaches and spectators to be gentle to all our game officials, not only this opening weekend but throughout the season. Remember, as it is with all our players and many coaches, our referees are still in development and doing their outmost to give their best on game day. They have gone through a rigorous certification process and been kept up to date on the feedback we got from clubs during our Respect Presentations. Additionally, GVSOA have done their part to make sure all Assignors are doing their absolute best in matching referee experience with the level of each match. However, on a few occasions where there might be a mismatch each Club can inform us through due process in the event this happens. Over all, our Respect progress has been very good and we would like to keep it that way. Please help us in promoting a safe and fun playing environment for all involved by being diligent on game day when something or someone is getting close to crossing the line. Again, many thanks, for all you continue to do for the league, your club and especially for the players. You are truly an asset to West Michigan soccer.”
Bjorn Hansen
GVSA Board Member


Boomer Park Soccer Field Rules and Regulations

  • No pets are allowed with the exception of "service" animals
  • No smoking or consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted
  • The storage shed and concession building at the Boomer Park Premises is for the exclusive use of AYSO, with the exception of the restroom facilities
  • The entrance and exit gates are to be open at any time the Boomer Park Premises is in use.
  • The goals and nets on the field are not to be moved, except in connection with mowing the fields and they shall be immediately put in the same location following mowing.
  • No one is to play in the goals and on the goal nets
  • All coaches are responsible to assure that volunteers working at or servicing the fields are treated with respect and allowed to promptly complete their assigned tasks. By the way of clarification, service work by volunteers takes precedence over all soccer practices
  • Any unscheduled use of any fields for game and/or practices must be first approved by the AYSO Coach Administrator or Commissioner
  • Fields must be immediately vacated if lightning is detected in the area
  • The coach of the last team at the Boomer Park Premises on game days is responsible for assuring that the restrooms are cleaned and locked and that all gates are locked
  • The only people allowed to practice on U5/U6 fields are players who are on U5/U6 teams. All players must practice on age-appropriate fields.


Monday, June 20th (Boys U9-U12 birth years 2005-2008)
Tuesday, June 21st (Girls U9-U12 birth years 2005-2008)
Wednesday, June 22nd (Boys & Girls U13-U14 birth years 2003-2004)
Thursday, June 23rd (Boys & Girls U15/16 & U17/19 birth years 1998-2002)
Each night registration is 5:30pm-6:30pm with tryouts starting promptly at 6:30pm & ending at 8pm. Friday will be reserved for our coaches who may need to take a second look at a potential player. GVSA rules state no player commitments can be made until Wednesday June 22nd. 

2008=U9, 2007=U10, 2006=U11, 2005=U12, 2004=U13, 2003=U14, 2002=U15, 2001=U16, 2000=U17, 1999=U18 and 1998=U19


  • U8-U14 “may” play up two years (this will be at CASSA DOC discretion)
  • U15 up “may” play up more than two years (this will be at CASSA DOC discretion)
  • Players may not play down under any circumstances
  • There is no "trapped" play rule due to adding U15 all year
  • The age of the oldest player determines the "team" age
  • The GVSA Administrator may determine the need to combine the U14 & U15 age groups during the HS seasons if there are fewer than (five) U15 teams committed for the season

* Please note, some of our U15 players will play soccer for their respective high schools therefore will play only one season with CASSA.

Player Fee Increase

As tournament fees, referee fees, GVSA fees and the like continue to increase for our Club, the Board of Directors evaluated its finances. Please check our website, under ABOUT US to see details of our new fee structure for 2016/17 (U9-U15*, 2 seasons, $330 & U16-19, 1 season, $230). All registration fees are due in full at registration night (July - TBD), if needs be, a payment plan can be set up with our Treasurer on registration night.

* Please note, some of our U15 players will play soccer for their respective high schools therefore will play only one season with CASSA.


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