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Issues with Jerseys

Posted on Friday, August 2, 2013 10:13AM by Amy Rau

We have heard many concerns regarding wrinkled screen printig on the uniforms. We have contacted TeamGazelle regarding this issue and they have sent the following response.

"This can happen during shipment. One of two things happened... The jersey was put into the shipping box before it had fully cooled down, or the box heated up in the USPS truck and the logo took the form that it was in. Either way, we are happy to fix them. Most of the time they do come out in a wash and a quick run through the dryer for a few minutes, otherwise we can re-press the jersey to make it flat again. If a parent wants to give us a call or email we can take care of the shipping for them."

We recommend washing/drying them as TeamGazelle suggests before contacting them and if that does not resolve the issue, please get in contact with TeamGazelle as soon as possible to be sure you have your jersey's back in time for your first games of the season.

Team Gazelle Customer Care number is (800)543-8326


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